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Spanish Games to learn Spanish

With Spanish Games you do four simple Spanish tutorials to learn your chosen Spanish topic, play some of our great Spanish games to reinforce that learning and then take the Spanish tests to check what you have learned. Choose a topic and an activity in the box above to start learning Spanish the fun way!

Spanish Games for learners

Use our free games to learn or revise your Spanish and have fun at the same time...

There are 7 Spanish practice games you can play with any topic at Spanish Games.
The games are free to use and work on both tablets (including iPads) and desktop computers.

The games are suitable for both adults and children learning Spanish as a second language. Spanish Games is designed to make learning Spanish both fun and really productive!

Who is Spanish Games for?

Spanish Games is designed for beginners learning Spanish at school or at home. The site was designed for kids between the ages of 5 and 16 following the Spanish as a second language curriculum at Elementary, Middle and 9th + 10th grade High school, but it is also suitable for adults learning the Spanish language at home or in evening classes.

All the Spanish is presented as both written texts and as spoken audio in both Castilian and Latin American Spanish. The English translation is also given for all language in the Introducing the topic section of every topic tutorial, and on the Spanish vocabulary pages.

You might be starting to learn Spanish for the first time, or you may need to reinforce what you are learning at school or with your tutor with additional lessons and games. If you are between five and fifty (or twenty five anyway), try out our Spanish Games and make your Spanish learning a great way to spend some time.

How to use our Spanish Games

If you are a Spanish learner...

Make sure you are learning the right type of Spanish!
If you are in the USA you probably want to be learning Latin American Spanish, but if you are in Europe you probably want to be learning so called "Castilian Spanish".

Now Choose a topic:
Click here to choose a Spanish (Castilian) topic
Click here to choose a Spanish (Latin American) topic

Once you have selected a topic, go through the tutorial before you start playing the games. All the activitites are short and easy to use and there is a help section for every activity if you get stuck. Just click on the question mark on the left of the activity to read the help, then click on 'back to top' to return to the activity.

If you are a Spanish teacher...

You should look at our online Spanish teaching resource 'Teach Spanish Online' which uses the same (Castilian and Latin American) Spanish materials you find here but with many more whole class activities and whole class games plus the ability to create custom language texts to enhance the Spanish supplied by us.

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We also have a YouTube channel for Spanish learners with lots of video tutorials!!

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