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Family - members

Family - my siblings

Body - parts of the body

Body - the head

Body - hair colour and style

People - portraits

People - appearance

People - clothes 1

People - clothes 2

People - jobs

People - health problems

Animals - pets

Animals - farm

Activity - daily routine

Activity - hobbies

Activity - sports

Activity - holidays

Food - fruit

Food - vegetables

Food - groceries

Food - restaurant

Food - drinks and snacks


Home - my room

Home - rooms in the house

Home - helping at home 1

Home - helping at home 2

Home - in the garden

School - classroom objects

School - subjects

School - activities

Place - where I live

Place - homes

Place - shops

Place - meeting places

Place - places in town

Go - means of transport

Go - on holiday

Go - which way?

Go - where?

World - European countries

World - environment

World - weather

Time - what time is it?

Time - spring and summer

Time - autumn and winter

Numbers - 1 to 10

Numbers - 11 to 20

Numbers - to 100 (1)

Numbers - to 100 (2)

Grammar - adjectives 1

Grammar - adjectives 2

Grammar - verbs 1

Grammar - verbs 2

Grammar - prepositions 1

Grammar - prepositions 2


Spanish lessons for beginners

Click the flag to learn the Latin American Spanish spoken in countries like Mexico and Argentina.

Our simple lessons help you to learn Spanish words, phrases and sentences online free. The lessons are for kids and young adults learning beginner Spanish or studying lower intermediate level Spanish.

There are 2 levels of lesson available here at Spanish Games, Spanish lessons for beginners and intermediate Spanish lessons. All the lessons include full audio by a native Spanish speaker for every item of vocabulary introduced in either Castilian or Latin American Spanish.

The language in the beginner tutorials has been carefully selected for those learning Spanish for the first time, and corresponds closely to the Spanish that you will see in school/college/your study guides. Tutorials include 'Family members', 'Pets', 'Numbers to 10' and many more. Each beginner tutorial introduces the learner to 10 related words and phrases.

The intermediate tutorials are aimed at those learners who have already started studying Spanish. These tutorials include more short sentences in addition to Spanish words or phrases. Each intermediate tutorial introduces 20 items of language for the learner to study. The intermediate tutorials include 'Daily routine', 'Places in town', 'The environment', and 50+ other secondary tutorials - all completely free to use!

List of the learning lesson activities available for each Spanish tutorial

There are 4 easy Spanish activities in each of our free Spanish lessons. These activities progress step by step to help you the beginner gradually master the lesson vocabulary. The lessons are based on '3 stage questioning', a method of learning that quickly and easily builds your confidence as you work through the short series of steps that strengthen your knowledge of the Spanish that you want to learn.

When you have completed a lesson, you should go try some of our games before finally doing the test for your chosen topic. See the Help box below for detailed instructions on how to use this tutorial to help you learn your selected Spanish topic more easily.

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Spanish lesson instructions

Introduction to the Spanish topic

You start the tutorial with an activity that introduces the Spanish words or sentences you will be learning . You will see a set of pictures one at a time, and for each picture you will see the written word and hear the Spanish audio for that picture.

What is it? activity in the Spanish lesson

You can repeat the audio for the picture by clicking on the brown telephone sign beside the picture. Move between the topic pictures using the arrow signs. Say the words after you hear them to learn better how to pronounce them. Also write down the words you see on the screen. Writing down the words a few times will help you to remember the vocabulary much better than just saying them.

Yes or No? activity to learn Spanish

In this activity, you will be shown the pictures one at a time. A voice will ask you whether this is a picture of... then play the Spanish audio and show the written Spanish words. You must decide whether the words match the picture or not. If you think they do, press the tick button. If you think the words are for a different picture, press the cross button.

Yes or no lesson in the Spanish tutorial

If you are right, you get a gold star. If you are wrong a sign appears telling you what the correct answer was, and you get a red star with a cross. You can roll over these stars (gold for right, red and white if you got it wrong) to check the language for the items you got right / wrong and to see the text again for that item.

Either / Or activity to learn in Spanish

This activity moves on from the 'Yes / No' lesson activity and offers you two possible answers to each question. So, you will see a picture then a voice will ask 'Is this a picture of... or is it a picture of ...' and you will have to choose which of the answers is the one that matches the picture.

The Either..Or.. activity with topic Family-members in the Spanish lesson

You choose an answer by clicking on the written words for that answer. You can play the Spanish audio for each answer again by clicking on the brown telephone button beside the written answer. The program will let you know each time whether you answered correctly. The Full lesson gives you 10 questions in the order that you learned them. The Quick refresh mode (flash version only) shows you 5 random pictures from the topic you are studying. At the end of the lesson, you can choose whether to repeat that lesson or move on to the next one.

What is it? Spanish lesson activity

The final learning activity in our Spanish tutorial shows you many possible answers for each question and you must choose the correct one. You are shown a picture and below it are a list of possible written answers from this topic. Rolling over an answer will play the Spanish audio for that answer. For each picture, click on the writing that matches the picture. The program will tell you whether you are right or not.

What is it? activity in the Spanish lesson

The Full lesson will show you 10 pictures in the order that you learned them. The Quick refresh mode (flash only) will show you 5 random pictures from the topic. The written answers are always in the order that you learned them in the Full lesson.

When you complete the 'What is it?' lesson, you can choose whether to go on to play some games with this topic, or whether you want to repeat some or all of the lessons for this topic. You should expect to get 4/5 or 8/10 answers correct in most of the activities before going to the Spanish games for this topic.

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