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Spanish Games is a free website for children and young adults learning Latin American Spanish as a second language. It is full of lessons, games and tests to help learners maximize their potential in Latin American Spanish.

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All our lessons, games and activities are carefully designed to encourage and enthuse kids and young adults learning Latin American Spanish as a second language. Spanish Games is designed to fill in the gaps left by schools without the time or resources to get the children excited about learning a second language.

Who are you

Spanish Games is ideal if you are...

  • a parent of children currently learning Latin American Spanish
  • a parent who wants their child to start learning Latin American Spanish correctly
  • a parent concerned about how Latin American Spanish is taught at school
  • a parent concerned that their child finds learning a language boring or too hard

And if you are not, Spanish Games is still a fun and free bit of Latin American Spanish revision for your child.

What you want

  • Correct Latin American Spanish grammar, spelling and punctuation in written Latin American Spanish
  • Correct Latin American Spanish pronunciation for all spoken Latin American Spanish
  • Speech and text for all language covered
  • Material that conforms to the Latin American Spanish schools curriculum
  • Clear instructions within all activities
  • Well designed activities that will encourage your children to learn
  • Fun and engaging games to make Latin American Spanish learning EXCITING

How your child should use
Spanish Games

Spanish Games makes Latin American Spanish fun and simple. Your child will want to learn if they can enjoy that learning.

The website is designed to be used either to learn Latin American Spanish vocabulary and sentence structure, or to revise material already covered in class. The language is divided into topics, each with 10 or 20 pictures together with spoken and writtten language. Your child should start by choosing a topic based on their ability, age range or what they are studying at school. It is important that they start by doing the lesson for that topic. The lesson introduces the language and the pictures through simple clear activities that gradually reinforce the Latin American Spanish. Your child should be saying the Latin American Spanish as much as possible while completing the lesson.

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