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Before doing a lesson or game, choose from the 100+ Latin American Spanish topics available

Spanish Games provides a full set of tutorials, games and tests to help children and adults to learn and practice their Latin American Spanish online and become profficient speakers at a simple level. All the Latin American Spanish we provide has been carefully tailored to the curriculum for Latin American Spanish as a second language.

The 4 key reasons Spanish Games is great for your online Latin American Spanish learning are:

  1. Choose from 100+ free Latin American Spanish learning topics
  2. A free Latin American Spanish lesson with 4 activities for every topic
  3. Fun, simple to use games to practice what you have learned
  4. Two free Latin American Spanish tests (writing and multiple-choice) to check your progress

Spanish Games provides all its lessons, games and tests completely free. There is no registration required, no hidden charges and no time limits when using this website. The resource can be used both on desktop computers and on tablets including both iPads and Android tablets.

About ic language

Spanish Games is a free online Latin American Spanish learning resource created and published by ic language in South Wales.

ic language publish free learning sites for French, German, English EFL ESL, Spanish, Italian, Irish and Welsh. All of these sites can be accessed from iclanguage.com, our online base site.

The learning games, lessons and tests for Spanish Games have been developed for the use of individual language learners studying at home and are suitable for those starting to learn the Latin American Spanish language.

Free website to learn Latin American Spanish online with lessons, games and tests

Have fun!

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