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Aim: To grow and gather 10 flowers
Listen to the audio. Click/tap on the picture that matches the audio. If you are right the seedling is watered, grows, blooms and the flower is picked. Continue until you have collected 10 flowers.

Sow grow game to learn Latin American Spanish: Prepositions

Match spoken Latin American Spanish to the right picture to grow flowers...funny game

With our Sow grow game for "Prepositions" you will be learning the Latin American Spanish vocabulary for the topic Prepositions. The language you will learn is in the vocabulary list below, and consists of 20 Words and phrases for describing the relationship between objects.

2debajo debelow
3delante dein front of
4detrás debehind
6al lado debeside
7en in
9debajo deunder
10enfrente deopposite
11a la izquierdaon the left
12a la derechaon the right
13cerca denear
14lejos defar
15hacia arribaup
16hacia abajodown
17por encima deover
18a través dethrough
19alrededor dearound
20encima deon top of

About the Latin American Spanish Sow grow game

This game concentrates on your ability to recognize and understand spoken Latin American Spanish. Topic audio is played which you must match to the correct picture. This will improve your ability to recongnize spoken Latin American Spanish words, phrases and short sentences without the help of the written text. This is a vital skill in mastering basic Latin American Spanish and being able to use it in real life situations.


  • Sow grow is a one player game to learn or revise spoken Latin American Spanish.
  • Sow grow is a timed game - play a few times, set a personal best time and try to get on the leaderboard!
  • It is best to listen to the audio together with the written texts in the topic lesson before you attempt this game.
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How to play Sow grow to learn
Prepositions in Latin American Spanish

Play Sow grow to learn Latin American Spanish at spanish-games.net

  1. Select the Sow grow game from the games selection page.
  2. On the settings page there are brief instructions on how to play.
  3. Click on PLAY to start the game.
  4. The game is timed and the clock starts when you enter the play screen.
  5. The first seeds are planted and the first Latin American Spanish audio is played.
  6. Click / tap on the speaker button at top right if you want to hear the audio repeated.
  7. Click / tap on the pot picture that matches the audio.
  8. If your answer is correct the seedling will grow into a flower which is then picked and put in the vase.
  9. If your answer is wrong, the audio will play again, the correct text will appear on the screen and an arrow will indicate the correct picture. Click the close button at top right to continue.
  10. You need to answer 10 questions correctly to complete the game.
  11. There are sometimes "flower bonuses" available which will take 5 seconds off your time.
  12. A leaderboard records the 10 fastest times for each topic. Click the gold star on the vase to see the leaderboard.
  13. If you get one of the 10 fastest times, you are offered the chance to enter your name into the leaderboard, or you can cancel if you are not interested.
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