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Aim: Shoot as many ducks as you can
Use the catapult to fire balls at the rows of ducks crossing the screen. Answer questions to win extra points.

Your final score is based on ducks hit or missed and the number of questions answered correctly.
Home - helping at home 2
Home - helping at home 2

DUCK SHOOT game to learn Spanish: Home - helping at home 2

DUCK SHOOT is a fairground themed game of knocking ducks off the rail to score points

With our Duck shoot game for "Helping at home 2" you will be learning the Spanish vocabulary for the topic Helping at home 2. The language you will learn is in the vocabulary list below, and consists of 10 More sentences for things you do to help.

1Barro el suelo.I sweep the floor.
2Limpio el suelo.I wash the floor.
3Lavo el coche.I wash the car.
4Paseo al perro.I walk the dog.
5Le doy de comer al gato.I feed the cat.
6Limpio las ventanas.I clean the windows.
7Corto el césped.I mow the lawn.
8Cuido al bebé.I baby sit.
9Hago jardinería.I do the gardening.
10Hago la compra.I do the shopping.

About the DUCK SHOOT game

DUCK SHOOT is a fun game to learn Spanish where you attempt to knock over all the fairground ducks in each level. In the first level there are only 6 ducks but by level 10 there are 24 fast moving quackers quacking.

After each level, win an additional 20 points by correctly answering a Spanish question from your selected topic. There is no timer in this game: take as long as you like to answer the Spanish questions correctly for a best score to get you on the DUCK SHOOT leaderboard.


  • This is a fun game of knocking over as many tin ducks as you can
  • Also suitable for tablets and mobiles (it's actually more fun than with a mouse)
  • Answer Spanish questions correctly for a higher score
  • No timer element, you can relax and concentrate on getting your Spanish right!
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How to play DUCK SHOOT to learn
Helping at home 2 in Spanish

Play Duck shoot to learn Spanish at spanish-games.net

  1. In each level of DUCK SHOOT, knock over as many ducks as you can.
  2. Drag the orange ball back and away from the ducks then let go.
  3. This will release a flying ball that will shoot towards the ducks (hopefully).
  4. Any duck the flying ball hits will fall off the rail.
  5. You get 5 points for each duck you hit.
  6. You lose 5 points for each duck that escapes.
  7. When all the ducks have been knocked off or have exited the screen, you get a Spanish question from your selected topic.
  8. Answering the question correctly adds 20 points to your score.
  9. A wrong answer takes 10 points away from your score.
  10. In each level there are more ducks.
  11. Your final score is a combination of the number of ducks you hit minus the number that escaped, plus the points you get from the Spanish questions.
  12. There is highest score leaderboard for each topic.
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